Oatly Barista Wins Best Dairy Free Milk

Oatly has won a vegan food award for its very popular Barista dairy free milk.

Winner best Dairy Free Milk Photo Credit: Oatly

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has awarded the Best Non Dairy Milk to Oatly and their infamous Barista style milk.

Oatly Barista is a fairly new milk or mylk on the market: starting off just in the odd cafe, but now it’s appearing in people’s homes.

What makes this wonderful plant-based milk stand out above the rest? It’s major attractiveness comes from the fact that it doesn’t split in your coffee like a lot of the other ones do. It also has magic foaming power and it just tastes great in coffee.

Their secret seems to be that they use liquid oats and acidity regulators, but whatever they do, it JUST WORKS.

You can bag yourself a carton of the good stuff at The Vegan Kind



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