Ocean brothers cross the Atlantic

Vegan Heroes return after rowing across Atlantic

Two vegan brothers from the UK just accomplished the unbelievable challenge of rowing the Trans-Atlantic crossing, completely unsupported and on a purely vegan diet.

Vegan brothers cross Atlantic

Brothers, Greg Bailey and Jude Massey spent 53 days rowing over 3000 miles from Gran Canaria to Barbados.

Not only are they the first vegan team to do it, but Jude has also earned himself a Guinness World Record for being the youngest person, at 19 years of age, to row in a team of two across the Atlantic.

Their Atlantic crossing was quite an oar-deal

Departing on their boat named Pete after their father who passed away from a battle with skin cancer, they left the shores of Gran Canaria on 18 January and arrived in Barbados at 5.38pm on 11 March.

Vegan brothers cross Atlantic map

The journey across the ocean definitely wasn’t plain sailing. The brothers encountered huge swells that capsized them, blistering heat, leaks in their cabin, sharks, whales and a broken water maker. Consequently Jude and Greg had to hand pump their drinking water for five hours per day just to survive. 

Plenty of Vitamin Sea

Rowing for at least 25 miles per day they would be burning up to 8000 calories each, but after Day 4 they needed extra energy for water pumping after their equipment broke.

They took 350 kilos of plant based foods with them on their journey which would supply over 5000 calories per day.

 Vegan brothers cross atlantic on this food

They opted for protein packed, custom made, freeze-dried meals based on beans, legumes and nuts:

  • Daal & rice with spinach
  • Bean casserole
  • Porcini mushroom risotto
  • Chilli
  • Orzo bolognese
  • Spicy thai noodles
  • Penne arriabbiata

The two brothers had no worries about protein on their journey as during their training they exceeded their acquired intake just through eating fruit & vegetables. They did however lose all of their condiments, so no seasoning on meals.

Is it any wonder that more vegan athletes are cropping up all over the country? This year was the biggest year ever for Veganuary (going vegan in January), and even the NHS is now publishing articles on why a vegan diet is good for your health.

Jude tells Vegan Food UK: “It feels great to be on land and so brilliant that we did this challenge on a vegan diet!”

The Ocean Brothers are hoping to raise £100k in total for the British Skin Foundation in memory of their father, they are currently on a whopping £82k. If you would like to donate some money for their amazing effort across the Atlantic Ocean then please follow this link JustGiving.com/fundraising/OceanBrothers 



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