One spoonful of nooch a day keeps the doctor away

Vegans are laughing as research suggests that one spoon of nutritional yeast (nooch) per day can fight off the common cold.

One thing you will hear from vegans quite often is that they don’t, or rarely, get colds & flu. Up until now, the reason for this could be that they eat 1) lots of fresh and whole plant food – as we know, full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc; or 2) they consume vast quantities of nutritional yeast aka ‘nooch’.

Can reduce the occurrence of common cold infections by 25%

Dr Greger at looks into the research on this and finds that it is in fact true, due to a soluble fibre called Beta Glucan (also found in mushrooms), which has been found to help maintain the body’s defence against pathogens. Beta Glucan can reduce the occurrence common cold infections by 25% by taking just one spoonful of nutritional yeast a day.

“Beta glucans, polysaccharides that are found in nutritional yeast and mushrooms, help potentiate our immune system, giving us more fighting potential against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. ” (Linda Sims, Nutritional Therapist, Bristol)

The fibre found in nutritional yeast may prevent immune decline in marathon runners

There has also been studies on nutritional yeast and athletes. What these studies have found is that a moderate amount of exercise can help build the immune system, but over-exercising can have the opposite effect. For people who train for long endurance races and marathons this isn’t good news. But what Dr Greger found out in his research is that nutritional yeast can help athletes.

“Athletes who overtrain may put excessive stress on their bodies, and become more susceptible to respiratory infections. But, the fibre found in nutritional and brewer’s yeast may prevent this immune decline in marathon runners.” (Dr Greger)

“Normally, two hours after hardcore cycling, there can be a dip in circulating white blood cells, one of our first lines of defense. However, after strenuous exercise, those who ate the equivalent of less than three quarters of a teaspoon a day of nutritional yeast ended up even better than when they started.” (Dr Greger,

You can buy nutritional yeast at The Vegan Kind shop. And if you want to know more about what nutrtional yeast is and what you can do with it, please read the Vegan Food UK Guide to Nutritional Yeast


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