Over 18,000 people ask Papa John’s to provide vegan cheese on pizzas

The petition to get vegan cheese on Papa John’s pizzas soars past 18,000 signatures showing huge demand for more vegan options.

Two weeks ago Vegan Food UK joined forces with the vegan charity, Animal Aid, to launch a campaign with an aim to get Papa John’s to offer a vegan cheese alternative.

Vegan Demand

Papa John’s is one of the largest take-away pizza chains in the UK, but they are also one of the last remaining pizza chains not to offer vegan cheese on their exisiting pizza bases.

Zizzi’s, Pizza Express, MOD Pizza and Pizza Hut all offer vegan cheese now and Domino’s have also started trialling vegan cheese pizzas & bases at select locations across the UK, with huge popularity amongst vegans.

Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid Campaign Manager told us: “Most other pizza chains have recognized the need for adequate vegan options and have started to offer vegan cheese, and so we are calling on Papa John’s not to get left behind and to follow suit”.

Bradbury continued: “We are very happy to see that the petition has been met with such positivity from others, showing once more that the demand for plant-based food is there.”

Both Vegan Food UK and Animal Aid hope Papa John’s respond to this huge campaign soon with plans to introduce a vegan cheese alternative.

To find out more and to sign the petition please click here 



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