campaign to get vegan cheese on papa john's pizzas

Campaign launches urging Papa John’s to use vegan cheese

Vegan Food UK and animal rights organisation, Animal Aid, join forces with an aim to get Papa John’s to provide vegan cheese on their pizzas.

Papa Johns campaign vegan cheese on pizzas

At present, Papa John’s is one of the last remaining pizza chains to not offer a vegan cheese alternative, despite having vegan friendly bases and sauces.

“Pizza without cheese just isn’t the same”

Domino’s is the most recent pizza chain to trial vegan pizzas across the UK, and of course Zizzi’s, Pizza Express and MOD have been doing it for a while now with great success.

In recent times, interest in plant-based options and veganism has skyrocketed. According to a study by The Vegan Society there are now more than 500,000 vegans in the UK.  In addition, around 22 million people are thought to be reducetarians – in that they are actively reducing their animal product intake.

Animal Aid Campaign Manager, Tod Bradbury told us: “Papa John’s is perhaps the only major pizza chain in the UK to not offer a vegan cheese alternative, despite the evident demand for plant-based products.”

He continued: “Most other pizza chains have recognised this and have started to offer vegan cheese, and as such we are calling on Papa John’s to not get left behind and follow suit. Pizza without cheese just isn’t the same.”

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Most of the major supermarkets now also offer vegan cheese pizzas, including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have just launched their own brand version in the last couple of days.

Co-founder of Vegan Food UK, Liam Day said: “We feel very passionately that all take-away food places should offer appropriate vegan options, the demand is there and it’s growing everyday!”

He continued: “This isn’t just about vegan cheese on pizzas, this about making the UK more of a vegan-friendly place. We hope that we get enough signatures on our petition to create some positive change.”

Please click here to sign the peitition, which takes just a couple of minutes to sign.

Vegan Food UK and Animal Aid are always looking for people to help with campaigns, please go to the Vegan Warriors page to keep updated.


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