Pea milks launch in the UK

Revolutionary Pea Milk Starts Its UK takeover

Equivalent to dairy in protein, but higher in calcium and lower in sugar, this could be the milk that changes everything for Brits.

Qwrkee are the brand that will be launching their sweetened & unsweetened pea milks into Wholefoods Market in a couple of days.

Pea milk will be one of the “top new trends for 2019”

Wholefoods’ UK Grocery Buyer, Miguel Uribe

Additionally the milks are fortified with iodine, iron, phosphorous and vitamins B2, B12, D and A.

Whole Foods’ UK Grocery Buyer, Miguel Uribe, has predicted the pea milks to be one of the “top new trends for 2019“.

Comparably, pea milks are considerably better for the environment than dairy as it takes just one gallon of water to make 250ml, where dairy takes 60 gallons for the same amount.

Pea milk produces less than 10% of the C02 (compared to dairy production)

Research from Univeristy of Twente, The Netherlands

According to The Grocer, husband & wife team and entrepreneurs behind the Qwrkee brand, plan to launch more vegan products in the future, including probiotic vegetable puffs and jerky.

Qwrkee Peak milks go on sale on 16 March at Wholefoods Market for £3 per litre. We hope to see them in the mainstream supermarkets soon also.

Whilst you are here, have you heard about the new vegan pizza by Goodfellas? It’s causing quite a fuss amongst vegans in the UK.

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