Is Piers Morgan unintentionally making the vegan movement stronger?

Piers Morgan thinks he is slowing down the rapid growth of veganism in the UK, but he might just be doing the opposite – we have never been stronger!

There is no doubting the unbelievable growth that veganism has had already in just the first week of 2019. More people than ever are signing-up to going vegan in January and those numbers seem to triple each year.

We are thought to be at least 3.5million vegans in the UK and the numbers are increasing all the time. From small businesses to large coorporations, everyone is joining in with Veganuary, but one man thinks he has the power to stop it.

Piers Morgan, each week, tries his best to undermine the vegan movement on his ITV breakfast show, Good Morning Britain – but is it working?

Someone decides to try Veganuary every eight seconds

Throughout history we have seen rulers (although we definitely aren’t calling Piers that) oppose peaceful movements by all means necessary. And this TV presenter has centre stage and a prime time slot to do it.

Millions of people are watching, yet the number of people going vegan isn’t dropping, it’s increasing by the second. Piers is keeping veganism in the national spotlight by trying to make vegans look stupid. Here’s how he is doing it:

Piers’ Recent Stunts

  1. Standing up on national TV on his own, arms in the air, chanting “Stand up if you love red meat, stand up if you love red meat”
  2. Inviting vegan activists onto his show, including Joey Carbstrong, and ridiculing them about non-related issues, such as past criminal convictions before they were vegan.
  3. Claiming that vegans kill insects for the farming of their food, and that he loves insects so this is terrible news for him.
  4. Hot under the collar at this point, revolting against Greggs’ new vegan sausage roll saying that “no one was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC clowns”
  5. Eating said sausage roll live on TV and spitting it out into a bin asking “why would anyone eat this?”
  6. Setting up a meat-stand on Good Morning Britain called Morgan’s Meats and saying “this is produced by Great British farmers, people who I want to protect from this scourge that is engulfing the country.” He went on to say “Morgan’s meat is available today. And guess what? I won’t die, meat is good for you.” – not sure Cardiologists would agree with you on that one Piers.

Despite Piers’ best efforts, the vegan movement continues. More to the point, it’s growing stronger! Have you heard anyone in the last few weeks say “you know what, I was going to go vegan but that very intelligent and charismatic presenter on TV made a good point…I am going to continue to eat meat”? Quite the oppposite: even meat-eaters think he is mad!

One sauage roll and the tables have turned on Piers

The funny thing is if Piers didn’t lose his shit over a vegan sausage roll, he might have held a better resistance to UK vegans. But now he has single-handedly made himself look like an extremist, rather than the other way round.

Standing up and chanting how much he loves red meat; almost self-inducing vomit at the sight of a vegan sausage roll; and displaying animal guts on a self-entitled meat cart just makes him look like a tool. He’s become the meat-eater that uses “bacon though” as a counter argument to going vegan. What happened Piers? Weren’t you supposed to be a credible journalist?

If at any stage you have had enough of Piers Morgan’s juvenile taunts, just think about the lengths this man is going to to stop a globally known, peaceful movement that’s based purely on compassion. Is he scared of something? Whatever he does next try not to get too involved, just sit back and watch a clown attempt to stop an army by throwing custard pies.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Mahatma Ghandi

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