Pret's new vegan spring menu

Pret launches their vegan spring menu

Pret a Manger launches their spring vegan menu and they have a new dessert.

Pret's spring vegan menu

Pret may be feeling the pressure with competitior Leon releasing their fabulous new vegan menu, so they in turn have launched some exciting vegan items, including a delicious chocolate cookie.

Ah the sweet smell of Spring menus

Without further adieu, this is what the new additions look like at Pret (available from 17 April):

Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie, £1.45, vegan
Combines vegan dark chocolate with almond butter and a little sea salt to make a delicious
vegan sweet treat. Vegan sweet treats are very popular amongst Pret’s customers and this
cookie has been created to meet demand.

Mango & Banana Sunshine Bowl, £2.99, vegan
This tasty breakfast dish combines blended ripe mangoes with banana, coconut milk,
granola and a little turmeric to make a Sunshine Smoothie. Fresh blueberries and crisp, dried
coconut chips are added to give it a tropical flavour.

Avo, Olives & Tomato Baguette, £3.50, vegan
Sliced avocado with Kalamata olive tapenade, roasted tomatoes and a handful of peppery
rocket. Finished with fresh basil leaves and a sprinkling of pine nuts.

Chef’s Special (available from 1st May – 2nd July), Vegan Chilli Flat Bread, £3.99
Enjoy spicy vegan chilli alongside creamy avocado, charred corn and black bean salsa.
Pickled onions provide a slightly sharp note while red peppers and mixed salad leaves add
crunch and bounce.

Pret vs Plastic

This week Pret is also launching a plastic bottle deposit return trial in its three Brighton shops. 10p will be added to the price of all Pret-branded plastic bottles and the deposit will be returned when a bottle is given back to teams to recycle. The aim is to understand how many bottles are returned and to see if it encourages more customers to opt for a reusable bottle. If successful, the scheme will be introduced to more shops.


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