Product of the Week – Badass Vegan Bacon

If you were ever a fan of smoky bacon then you are going to love this new plant-based version.

It’s possible that if you have been vegan for more than a few months then you have probably tried some form of plant-based bacon when you have been out for breakfast; ‘facon’ is definitely becoming a staple of the vegan breakfast plate.
BADASS Bacon is made in Ireland and it’s 100% plant based. In fact all the ingredients seem completely legit and natural, with no artificial nasties.

As you can see BADASS is made using wheat protein, which automatically puts in the realms of seitan – we’re off to a good start! We decided to give it an official taste test by wedging it between two pieces of organic sourdough bread and, of course, loads of ketchup.

How does it cook?

It fries very well in oil, which is not a method of cooking we advocate but in this instance we thought we would follow the cooking recommendations on the box. BADASS Bacon cooks very quickly and crisps in no time. It even gets that charred appearance and flavour with not much effort at all.


Quite honestly, it smells like bacon. Our neighbours who know that we are vegan must have been very confused by the smells wafting out of our kitchen window. The aroma of smoky bacon lingers for quite some time after too.


It doesn’t look too much like bacon and nor does it when it cooks – good or bad, you decide. However, the colour of the bacon is a lot less superficial looking than the anaemic vegan bacon we are used to in the supermarkets.


Slightly tough, chewy, salty and definitely smoky thanks to use of liquid smoke and smoked paprika. They really have got the balance of herbs and spices right with this product and it works really well.


We bought this product at a whopping £3.99, which is quite steep. But, you know what? We would happily pay this price again. It’s a weekly treat and one that’s worth investing in. One would assume that this may be the start of a plant-based bacon rush, and these prices may be a little bit more competitive in the future.

Verdict – is it BADASS?

A very aptly named product. BADASS bacon really ticks a lot of boxes for all the vegan bacon lovers out there. We imagine this would also be a fantastic product to not only have in a bacon butty, but also as an ingredient to jazz up a load of vegan dishes.

It’s pricey at the moment, but worth it for a smoky treat to put between your buns. We give it a 8/10.

You can buy it online at TheVeganKind Supermarket

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