world milk day takeover

Dairy-free mylk company are taking over World Milk Day today

Plant based mylk company Rebel Kitchen are doing a World Milk Day takeover.

world milk day takeover

Today is World Milk Day, which is a day set up by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food – but as we know the dairy industry is a really cruel one right?

To celebrate cruelty-free, plant-based mylks, Rebel Kitchen has brought back the milk man. They’ve been up since the crack of dawn on their Mylk-round dropping off their new plant-based Mylk to Londoner’s homes.

Vegan Food UK got this message this morning from the RK Team: “I’m pleased to report that I’m emailing you on the move from our Rebel Kitchen Mylk floats where we’re currently going to door to door in our mission to delivery delicious plant-based goodness to as many Londoners as possible.

The unique taste of the Rebel Kitchen Mylk is created from organic ingredients, including coconut cream to replicate the richness of dairy milk; brown rice to mirror the natural sweetness (which comes from lactose); and nutritional yeast to add the grassy notes found in dairy milk.

Dairy is Scary

The Dairy industry in recent years has been reported to be one of the cruellest of animal farming sectors, with forced insemmination of the female cow, the snatching of the calves when they are less than two days old to be put in small pens until they are sold for veal or just killed….the list goes on!

It is reported that 65% of the world also has problems with lactose resulting in the plant based milk sector booming. The UK alone is expecting a 43% growth in dairy free mylks over the next four years.

Rebel Kitchen Mylk is available in Whole; Semi Skimmed and Skimmed variants, making it an easy switch for dairy drinkers. The Mylk range uses traditional blue, green and red coloured tops that consumers are familiar with, allowing them to shop the range like the traditional dairy aisle.

Tamara Arbib, Rebel Kitchen Founder, said: “In true Rebel spirit we wanted to create the first milk alternative that tastes like real dairy. Not only does our Mylk taste and look like dairy, but we’ll also be surprising Londoner’s by delivering it in the same way too.”

Rebel Kitchen Mylk is available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose,, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and
other independent stores. RRP £2.99.

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