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REVIEWED: Pizza Express Launch New Vegan Quorn Pizza

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Holding a slice of the new Quorn Pizza

The new plant-based pizza was two years in the making and it’s gluten-free – we review it below

Pizza Express have just launched their summer vegan menu and on it is a pizza collaboration with Quorn costing £11.45


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Named ‘The Sloppy Vegan’ pizza is completely vegan and can be made gluten-free, should you choose the appropriate base. It can also come on the Classic or Thin & Crispy bases.

What’s on it?

Aiming for a take on the classic Sloppy Giuseppi, the pizza is meaty and spicy, with toppings all over the place.

Aside from the little chunks of Quorn ‘chicken’ generously scattered across the top of the pizza, the other toppings include green peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic oil & chilli oil, fresh parsley and vegan mozzarella cheese.

Our initial thoughts were that it’s not a very aesthetically pleasing pizza, but they are calling it ‘sloppy’, so we’ll let them off.

The taste was actually pretty good! Like a slightly spicy chicken pizza (we assume this could be hit or miss given that the spice comes from chilli oil). We do wonder whether Pizza Express can omit the chilli oil should people have a problem with spicy food – we hope so!

Now that Pizza Express have finally collaborated with Quorn, we assume that vegan chicken pizzas will be the baseline of future launches at the popular pizza chain.

What else is new on the menu?

Admittedly we only tried one other new item on the menu, which in our opinion sounded just as good as the new pizza: Jalapeno Doughballs £5.50

Jalapeno doughballs
Pizza Express Jalapeno Doughballs

And they were freaking amazing! They arrive in a pot drenched in some sort of jalapeno pesto, so they were gooey, soft and squidgy. They also come with an extra pot of the jalapeno pesto stuff for extra dipping.

These don’t pull any punches and are quite spicy, but nothing that a cold beer won’t sort.

Other Vegan Newbies

Also added to the menu is a new:

  • Nourish Bowl (salad bowl with grains, sweet potato, houmous and leaves) £10.75
  • Pea & Asparagus Risotto £11.45
  • Raw Slaw £3.95
  • and no new dessert?! Poor show Pizza Express, but the existing Carrot Cake is lovely
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