Robbie Williams Has Gone Vegan

First Beyonce, now Robbie Williams is the next celebrity in line to go vegan, sort of, maybe? You decide.

Former Take That star, Robbie Williams, has just published a YouTube video updating his fans that he is getting his health back and has “gone vegan” following a bout of illness that abruptly ended his last tour.

In the video Robbie, 43, explained how he has been recovering from an illness for the last five weeks that involved him being rushed into Intensive Care.

The bit Vegan Food UK took particular interest in was Robbie telling his fans that: “Now I am vegan, I do pilates everyday, I do yoga everyday…”

Hearing these words from such a renowned international pop star is music to our ears. The only thing that throws us into slight ‘it’s Beyonce all over again’ panic is when Robbie says he has “a really big burger on a Sunday” in the same video. It could very well be an ethically produced vegan burger, but the way in which he says it makes us think otherwise.

What do you think? Vegan or not? You decide. Watch the video below.

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