Sainsbury’s Are Now Stocking Vegan Whipped Cream

Sainsbury’s have just launched dairy-free whipped cream to their vegan product list, just in time for winter.

Vegans across the UK are being tantalised this autumn/winter so far with huge amounts of vegan products being launched, most of which seem to be in the ‘comfort food’ category. Sainsbury’s have added to the seasonal excitement by launching vegan whipped cream.

The whipped cream retails at £2.20, is soy based, kosher and gluten free. And it does exactly what it says on the tin: point & shoot and have cream on top of any of your favourite vegan desserts or hot chocolate – we personally love it on scones, but whatever floats your boat.

Other exciting news this week is Tesco introducing two new vegan cheeses (including goat’s cheese), Fry’s launching a vegan ready-to-eat pie and pastie range and Pret a Manger announcing their new Christmas vegan sandwich

soy whipped cream
Sainsburys Website


Will you be buying this whipped cream? What will you be using it for: cakes, trifle, hot chocolate? Let us know in the Comments section below

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