Sainsbury's launch vegan bleeding burger

Sainsbury’s are next to launch vegan bleeding burger

Sainsbury’s new vegan range to go on sale this month.

Sainsbury's launch bleeding burger

Made up of mushrooms, Sainsbury’s will be launching a new vegan bleeding burger and meat-free range this month.

The new range will be aimed at vegans, but also flexitarians who are thought to make up 22 million of the UK population.

It’s bleedin’ exciting isn’t it?

Sainsbury’s new bleeding mushroom burgers are manufactured by Danish food company Naturli’ Foods – who commented that they have struggled to keep up with demand for the burgers since their launch in January in Denmark.

The burgers are supposed to taste beefy, with a mix of flavours including almonds, tomatoes and porcini mushrooms, and will have the bleeding effect again using beetroot juice.

Following the success of Beyond Meat in America, Sainsbury’s will stock the new meat-free range next to actual meat.

Beyond Burgers are set to launch in Tesco in August this year, but it’s still in question whether the burgers will be sold in the vegan/vegetarian section or not.

Waitrose have also had huge success recently with introducing a new dedicated vegan section and 50 new plant-based products.

Sainsbury’s new meat free range will launch in UK stores on 27 June – put it in your diaries!


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baggins September 19, 2018 at 7:30 am

Have only just seen this news item – so Sainsbury’s are putting these in the ‘real’ meat aisle. That’ll be why I haven’t seen them. I don’t wander down the meat aisle thinking about how I don’t want to buy any of it.

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