Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams urges fans to GO VEGAN!

Canadian rock star, Bryan Adams, put out the message on his social media that he loves being vegan and you should go vegan too.

It’s always so amazing when a celebrity takes time out of their busy schedule to open their heart and share their compassion towards animals with millions of people. And Bryan Adams did just that on his Instagram page recently.

Bryan Adams Instragram
Bryan Adams Instragram

Bryan back in the summer of ’69

OK, well it wasnt as long ago as 1969, but still a good 30 years ago. In his message Bryan says that he stopped eating animals when he was 28 and has “never looked back”. This makes him a bit of a veteran vegan as the musician is now 58,  and all this was back in the days where vegan cheese didn’t exist and there were no vegan options on the menu.

Everything I do, I do it for you

Bryan is admittedly a big animal lover. He told PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that “Being sympathetic to animal rights is just something that came very naturally to me. Perhaps because I used to have dogs growing up, and you know they became part of the family.”

The only thing that looks good on me is you

There is a lot of uproar in the vegan world at at the moment with companies still using animal fur for fashion, including the recent Canada Goose clothing company scandal where they skin wild coyote fur and goose down for their jackets. Bryan was born in Canada and had this to say to PETA “I’m opposed to fur and any kind of use of animal products. I don’t eat them, and I don’t wear them. I’m not for the killing of any creature—whether it be seals, cows, dogs, anything. So anytime it comes to any kind of animal cruelty, I’m totally against it.”

Read about the success of Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, after he went vegan and is Robbie Williams also another vegan singer?

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