new study shows vegans are better protected at fighting disease

Study: vegans have higher levels of bioactive markers that prevent disease

Recent study in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that vegans could be better at preventing disease compared to non-vegans.

The new study, which was published on and conducted at the University School of Public Health, is good news for those following a plant-based diet.

An awareness that a healthier biomarker profile is obtained with a plant-based diet should motivate people to be proactive about dietary habits that promote good health and prevent disease

Lead study author, Fayth Miles, Ph.D

What was the study hoping to find out?

In short, the study set to find out the impact a plant based-diet has on the body by looking at bio-markers in the body.

The scientists enrolled 840 participants for the study from five dietary categories: vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians (people who consume no meat, but dairy and egg), pesco-vegetarians (fish but no other meats), semi-vegetarians (flexitarians) and non-vegetarians.

Their findings

Testing for a range of biomarkers, the scientists took and analysed samples of urine, plasma and fatty tissue from participants.

As expected, the vegan group had the highest levels of bioactive marks that prevent disease

They also discovered that vegans had the highest levels of omega-3 and the lowest levels of fatty acids.

Lead sudy author, Fayth Miles, Ph.D, reported that the “results for semi-vegetarians look very similar to (those of) non-vegetarians”. We assume this means that health-wise you are better to go fully vegan than just ‘cutting down’ on meat consumption.

Other factors

This study was looking only at biomarkers in the subjects, but many other factors can attribute as to why a plant-based diet is healthier.

Not consuming red or processed meat is one factor that holds a lot of weight as it has been linked to “probably” causing cancer.

But also that vegans may be more conscious of what they eat and consume more nutrient dense food such as plant-based wholefoods.

The scientific team behind the study also recognised that vegans have “typically higher levels of compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity”, which protect against cell damage and chronic disease (

(All facts in this article are summarised from the study itself or from article. They do not express Vegan Food UK’s opinion – as much as we would like to haha)

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