Subway are trialling vegan patty

Subway are trialling ‘vegan patty’

It’s the news we have all been waiting for…Subway offering a decent vegan sandwich.

Subway are trialling vegan patty
The vegan patty at Subway

News broke in the Vegan Food UK community today that the Wigan branch of Subway are trialling a vegan patty.

The “veggie patty” at Subway has formerly been for vegetarians only as it contains egg, but now it looks as though Subway has thought about us vegans too. However, this is just a trial at select locations, so always ask first.

Lauren Rigby tried the new vegan patty and told us: “I enjoyed it, it tasted similar to the veggie one but just a bit spicier”.

vegan tote bag
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For so long vegans in the UK have been wondering, why oh why doesn’t Subway have a decent vegan sandwich? They do have a vegan-friendly sub called the Veggie Delite but it’s just a salad baguette – it’s time for change!

What can vegans eat at Subway?

Before this trial commenced, this is what was on the menu for vegans at Subway (please always double check with staff in store):

Bread: Hearty Italian, Italian or 9 Grain Wheat

Salad: Lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, carrot, jalapenos, sweetcorn, green peppers and pickles.

Sauces: Hp sauce, sweet chilli sauce, yellow mustard, brown mustard, hot chilli sauce, tomato sauce and BBQ sauce.

We are really pleased that Subway are trialling a vegan hot patty and we also hear rumours that vegan cheese is not too far off either.


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