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Tesco Have Just Brought Out Possibly the BEST Vegan Sandwich Ever

Tesco have just upped their vegan sandwich game massively by bringing out a Christmas treat that we are all going to love.

Most supermarkets now have a vegan-friendly sandwich offering, but still there is yet to be one that is really decent, worthy of a pat on the back. Until now! Tesco have just brought a sandwich that is not only seasonal, but delicious.

Tesco sandwich
Credit VFOOD UK Member: Ruby Miranda

Members of Vegan Food UK are already going mad for the new sandwich that combines the traditional British food Bubble & Squeak (think leftover vegetables from your Sunday roast being made into fritters) with stuffing.

tesco sandwich
Credit: Ruby Miranda

“This is the best vegan sandwich I’ve had in any supermarket, Tesco have smashed it with this one!” Vegan Food UK Member, Ruby Miranda.

It comes with a sachet of coconut bacon flavour flakes to sprinkle in it

This Christmas sandwich is crammed full of ingredients, including bubble & squeak fritters, braised red cabbage with notes of apple, cinnamon cloves, star anise, sage & onion stuffing and vegan mayonnaise. This is all stuffed into a carrot roll. But the best bit? It comes with a sachet of coconut bacon flavour flakes to sprinkle in it (top vegan brownie points Tesco!)


Have you had this new sandwich yet? Is it worth all the hype in your opinion? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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