Tesco have launched a new vegan Wellington for Christmas Dinner

Tesco have just launched a new vegan Christmas Dinner option and it looks superb!

Vegans aren’t short of things to have for Christmas Dinner, it’s not something that they worry about. Some go for the Tofurky (tofu turkey) option, then there is the classic nut roast, but the most popular option by far is the Wellington. And for those people who aren’t too hot in the kitchen, Tesco have you covered.

Available just three days before Christmas Day, Tesco will be launching their own version of the popular dish but with a twist, introducing the Cauliflower Wellington.

tesco wellington
Credit Tesco

The facts about this dish

  • It’s available from the December 22nd
  • Only a two day shelf life – very fresh
  • It serves 2
  • Costs £6

What’s in it?

Whole cauliflower topped with a mushroom and butternut squash stuffing in pastry.Turmeric spiced whole cauliflower with a mushroom and butternut squash duxelle wrapped in golden puff pastry.

What do we think?

We actually think Tesco have been thinking long and hard about vegans at Christmas and what they want. This meal could be fantastic on Christmas Day as a centrepiece, but given the fact it only serves 2 it’s like Tesco know that generally there are only ever one or two veggie or vegans sat round the table and they deserve something special. The down side is that it’s a little pricey, but it is in the Tesco Finest posh range.

Tesco have been great to vegans in 2017, with more vegan cheese being released and lots being added to their Free-From range, but they also told Vegan Food UK:  “In 2018 we have big plans (for vegans) that are unfortunately top secret at the moment”


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