thai restaurant uses vegan calamari

Vegan calamari showcases at restaurant chain in UK

UK Thai chain restaurant become first to use vegan calamari in their food.

thai restaurant first to use vegan calamari

Busaba is a Thai restaurant chain with 10 eateries all over the city of London and they have just become the first to try out vegan calamari.

The plant-based calamari is part of their new spring menu where almost a third of the dishes are vegan friendly.

Chefs at the restaurant are using the Swedish company, Oumph! to veganize a Busaba classic ‘Thai Soyamari’.

thai restaurant starts using vegan calamari

Thai Soyamari is priced at £7.95  and is calamari tossed in a wok with ginger and peppercorn sauce.

The restaurant is the first in the UK that we know of to start using Oumph! vegan meats in their cooking. 

Soy you think it’s better?

Oumph! are currently only available at Tesco for the regular shopper where they do soya-based meats such as kebab style, chicken chunks and pulled pork – all vegan of course.

The Busaba Restaurant Manager told us: “Im a non vegan and the taste is amazing, packed with so much more flavour than I thought. We’ve also had great feedback from everyone on it. If you told me it was calamari I would have believed it!”

Oumph! are taking the vegan world by storm at the moment and featured in the Vegan Food UK Top 5 vegan products this month.

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