The Chocolate Bar that’s making vegans go nuts

There is a new vegan chocolate bar on the market that tastes just like Ferrero Rocher.

Why is it that when you start putting hazelnut with chocolate, all of a sudden people go nuts for it? If you loved the Vego bar then you will love this.

Sarelle tastes very similar to Ferrero Rocher, it has a delicious hazelnut praline wrapped in delicate wafer and then covered in dark chocolate.

Sarelle is a company that prides itself in using lots of quality hazelnuts in their products and you can really taste this. They get a thumbs up from Vegan Food UK.

What did our taste panel think?

“I’m giving it an 8/10 only because it’s over too quickly” Janine

“I didn’t use to like sugary chocolate or Vego bars, so I much prefer this one” Linda

“I’d give it a 9/10, this score would be higher if it came as a twin pack haha!” Kim

“Light, crispy and doesn’t feel like you are doing something that unhealthy as it’s so light. It definitely reminded me of Ferrero Rocher.” Liam

“My family all loved it, I only got to eat a quarter in the end” Linda

“Think I actually do prefer it to a Vego bar – can’t believe I am saying that.” Janine

If you would like to pick up a Sarelle bar then they retail for about 90p and you can buy them at The Vegan Kind

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