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The Rise Of Plant-Based Butters

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Butter and margarine brands continue to shift towards plant-based options.

With more people choosing to eliminate animal products from their diets, companies are continuing to switch or expand their ranges to make them more inclusive for all dietary requirements and choices.


Violofe block and spread
Images: Violife


Most of the major UK supermarkets now offer a plant-based butter or margarine with Sainsbury’s plant pioneer range launching a slightly salted block and spread, Lidl stocking Vitalite Spread, and others stocking the Flora, Natruli, and pure brands.

Even vegan cheese producer Violife, known for their coconut-based cheese alternatives, has joined the club with the launch of the vioblock (250g) and viospread (200g).

Despite Flora returning to a buttermilk recipe for the buttery spread, they continue to expand the vegan range by adding a plant-based spreadable option as well as still stocking the Original and Light spreads, both of which are vegan friendly.


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Whether looking for a block of butter to bake with or just a soft spread for toast there are loads of options to suit everyone’s taste and needs.

The most recent products to hit the market are:

Plant Pioneers Slightly Salted spread for £2 – Sainsbury’s

Plant Pioneers Block £1.45 – Sainsbury’s

Viospread by Violife £2

Vioblock by Violife £2

Flora Plant-based Spreadable £3.25

Head on over to the Vegan Food UK Instagram and let us know which you have tried and what are your favourites.

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