This may just be the ULTIMATE vegan hot chocolate!

We think we may have found the most luxurious vegan hot chocolate combination that you can buy from just one place with no shopping around involved. All of these products are available at The Vegan Kind online supermarket.

The nights are drawing in and it’s definitely getting colder out there, it makes sense that people start CRAVING hot chocolate. Almost on a daily basis Vegan Food UK members are asking about ‘the best vegan hot chocolate‘, and while the supermarkets have some OK stuff, we feel that it has to be a real treat. And we think we have found just that.

Vegan Food UK has a Chocolate Expert, Jo Cammarata Hudson, on board to try out what we think could possibly be one of the best vegan hot chocolate combinations that you can buy. Remember, this is luxury we are talking about so it’s a little more expensive than the supermarket. We will go through each stage in turn and review each product that contributes to the ultimate hot chocolate.

It has to have ACTUAL chocolate in it

It’s true, there is no point in having hot chocolate unless it contains actual chocolate and luckily we have found these amazing cacao drops from Hasslacher’s.

Hasslacher's Choc Drops
Hasslacher’s Choc Drops

It literally is a tube full of 100% meltable chocolate straight from Colombia.

“Decadent, this is a pure vegan delight. This hot chocolate is rich with a deep and real intense chocolate flavour and smells divine! Smooth and velvety, and a luxuriously thick texture.
Instantly Warming and soothing and evocative of happy childhood memories of cold winter nights.”

These luxury drops cost £5.99 for a 200g tube, so should get you a few cups of thick hot chocolate out of it.



Soy Whipped Cream
Soy Whipped Cream

Whipped Squirty Cream on Top

Thankfully soy whipped cream is becoming a bit of staple now and some supermarkets are even showing signs of stocking it. But no hot chocolate is worth its weight without some squirty cream on top.

FYI: It has a really strange name but the words literally translate to ‘cream’ from German.

“This is a very light and sweet cream, perfect for hot chocolate or any other dessert topping. A good creamy flavour, that compliments perfectly.”

This can of soy whipped cream is being retailed at £2.49 at TVK


Marshmallows Sprinkled on Top of Cream

Anyone who is into their hot chocolates, won’t go anywhere near a luxurious hot coco without their being some sort of marshmallows involved. They are sweet, go well with cream and go extremely gooey when heated – so we just need some decent vegan ones?

Dandies Marshmallows
Dandies Marshmallows

Dandies are an American export and they are 100% vegan. To be fair, if you are after decent marshmallows then our friends across the pond are probably the first place you should look. They are the PERFECT miniature size for a hot choccie and they are of a premium quality (they also come in Peppermint flavour).  Dandies retail for £5.60 at TVK

“Great little marshmallows, sweet with a  nice vanilla taste! Lovely silky texture and slowly melt in the mouth! In a word… moreish!”


Christmas Pudding Biscuit
Christmas Pudding Biscuit

And Some Festive Biscuits on the Side?

No decent hot drink can be without some biscuits to dunk through all that whipped cream, marshmallow and chocolate. We think we have found the perfect ones. These Christmas Pudding biscuits are just the job to finish off the festive treat made with juicy raisins, cranberry and cinnamon.

“Absolutely delicious! Not too sweet, perfect blend of Christmas spices! They melt in the mouth, and are not too crunchy! A perfect marriage for hot chocolate and dunking!”

These seasonal biscuits go for £2.60 at TVK



Jo Cammarata Hudson runs an online vegan artisan chocolate store, selling dark,white and milk chocolate; mainly organic, fair trade. You can find out more at from the 1st December.



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