Tony's Chocolonely Fair Trade chocolate

Tony’s Chocolonely is the chocolate vegans are going mad for

What’s not to like? It’s big, chunky, delicious and it’s all about Fairtrade baby!

Tony’s Chocolonely has come onto the Vegan Food UK radar since Waitrose and Ocado started selling it recently. But people may have seen it on their travels to Amsterdam.

The Dutch Company behind the chocolate care not just about the product but that it’s sourced and farmed giving fair wage to all involved, claiming it to be 100% slave-free.

Specifically the Dark Almond Sea Salt is causing the most stir amongst vegans as it tastes incredible.

Tony’s Chocolonely is proud to be Fairtrade certified and to work with Fairtrade to end slavery and illegal child labour on cocoa farms in West Africa.

From Tony’s Chocolonely Facebook

Not all of Tony’s bars are vegan, just the 70% Dark and the Dark Almond Sea Salt retailing at £3.49 at Waitrose.

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