Top 15 Vegan Food Staples for your kitchen

Here is an updated list of vegan staples that we all should have in our kitchens. The information provided is based on recent polls and discussions within the Vegan Food UK community.

  1. Avocados – for some reason vegans go crazy for these green, egg-shaped capsules of fatty deliciousness. They are versatile so much in the fact you can smash them on toast for the best plant based breakfast ever or simply eat them straight out of their tough old skin, and let’s not forget good old guacamole.
  2. Nutritional yeast or ‘nooch’ – this is considered by many as the crack cocaine of the vegan food world. Why should it be in every person’s cupboard? Because it goes on top of every possible savoury food and meal, bar none! It’s also a fairly decent source of vitamin B12, so it’s definitely something to be held in admiration.
  3. Non dairy milk – don’t just find one milk you love, find a few. Better still, make your own.
  4. Bananas – one of the best natural energy sources going for all humans, but also good for an egg substitute when baking, and you can make a healthy ice cream (did we just say ‘healthy’ ice cream?)  just by freezing chopped bananas and blending them.
  5. Mushrooms – of course they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who do like them then they are a must-have ingredient for chillis, spag bols, mexican food, curries, cooked breakfasts, etc, etc.
  6. Spinach – doesn’t taste of much and highly nutritious; can be cooked or eaten raw – need we say more?
  7. Nut butter – as with the non-dairy milk, find a nut butter you love and always have it in your kitchen. A nut butter is a valuable source of protein and can jazz up any dull smoothie.
  8. Tofu – you may not like it yet, but you will. Why? Because tofu is one of the most versatile ingredients on earth. You only have to look at Asian cuisine to see all the funky stuff they do with this wonderous soya bean product. It’s another fantastic whole protein and don’t believe all the hype about it being bad for you, people have been eating it for centuries without a man boob in sight.
  9. Rice – healthier than pasta, but try and go with organic brown, wild, red or black if you can.
  10. Beans – so many to choose from and all very affordable. If you aren’t used to cooking with them then for God’s sake make sure you get the pre-cooked ones in the tins or cartons. Dr Gregor recommends three portions of beans per day, rinse them thoroughly to minimise the wind. Parp!
  11. Bread – unless you are gluten intolerant, this is a staple for your freezer when you have run out of all other ideas and nothing but beans on toast will do – and there is nothing wrong with that! The UK was built on beans on toast.
  12. Pasta – so many different pastas out there now that we can eat without the wheat. Lots of people still have at least one pasta meal per week, it’s cheap, simple and filling.
  13. Sweet potatoes/potatoes – spuds will keep almost pristine whilst all your other veg has died and gone to veggie heaven. There isn’t much wrong with ordinary potatoes (organic is always better), but sweet potatoes are that much better for you. Anyway, this is about staples and potatoes go with everything!
  14. Lentils – some of the longest living nations in the world have lentils to thank. Vegans are often branded as ‘lentil munchers’, but the truth is ‘yeah…and who cares?’ Lentils are so frikkin’ healthy it’s unreal and they are almost unrivaled for foods that give you long lasting energy.
  15. Hummus – have we saved the best for last? It’s a guilty pleasure, no it’s just a pleasure…no guilt, just pure white, slimey, garlicky bliss! Chickpeas have never served more of a purpose than in this middle-eastern food divinity. Why is it a staple? Because anything, ANYTHING is good dipped in hummus.

Do you have anymore staples that you can add to this list? Leave the suggestions in the comments section and we may include them.

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Cyndy Bevan September 24, 2017 at 9:07 am

How could you omit tomatoes, particularly tinned tomatoes?! They go in dozens of the recipes I cook! My cupboard/fridge is never without tins of chopped tomatoes, tomato purée and fresh tomatoes.

Vegan Food September 28, 2017 at 9:54 pm

You’re right, tinned tomatoes are a necessity in most kitchens. This list was based on results from the Vegan Food Uk group. Tomatoes will probably appear on the update, great shout!

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