Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Dinner Choices for Vegans

New survey suggests that most vegans will be making homemade food for Christmas dinner in 2017.

We are still well over a month away from the big day (that’s Christmas by the way), but for vegans, what they eat on 25th December is kind of a big deal. The decision of what to have as a centrepiece among all those yummy roasted vegetables takes a lot of thought. Not because there is little choice, quite the opposite, vegans have too many options to choose from.

Vegan Food UK conducted a survey to see what members were thinking about cooking on Christmas Day this year and the results were somewhat surprising.

The Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Dinner Choices

1. Homemade Wellington


The most popular choice among UK vegans was the Wellington, which is mostly made with mushrooms and pastry. We assume that we have the guys at BOSH to thank for almost half of the people voting for this dish. BOSH released their simple recipe video about this time last year, just in time for people to trial it for the big day. This is an absolutely brilliant centrepiece for a Christmas table as it looks great and tastes equally as good.

2. Homemade Nut Roast

nut roast
Credit Cherie Catchpole

Synonymous with vegans and vegetarians alike, this has been a roast dinner classic for decades. And for some reason it’s made a come back. Last year Vegan Food UK asked members to choose between nut roast & Tofurky, and most chose the latter. Maybe it’s popularity has risen again as there are better recipes, nut roast kits to keep it simple or maybe vegans are showing more of an interest in cooking from scratch and showing off their creations to their family.

3. Linda McCartney ‘Beef’ Roast

Linda McCartney Beef ROast
Credit Tesco


A fairly new product for vegans this year and it has become quite popular. It even sounds quite fancy as it comes with a red wine and shallot glaze – worthy of a place on the Christmas Dinner table maybe? Retailing at just £3.50, it’s also an affordable option, compared to Tofurky or VBites roasts. Available at Tesco

4. Tofurky Roast


Last year’s favourite, but moving down to 4th place on the list this year. It’s still very popular as it comes with stuffing inside and gravy to pour on top, but maybe it’s the price of £11.99 that puts vegans off. Regardless of how expensive this product is, if you are a new vegan this year then Tofurky  could be the Christmas Dinner centrepiece for you. Available at Ocado

5. Just Roast Veg

Ask a vegan what the best part of a Sunday roast is and they will probably tell you that it’s the veg that they like. We all fiddle about with nut roasts and wellingtons, but nothing beats that mix of spuds, greens and gravy. The ‘just veg’ option came in at number 5 this year and it probably will for years to come.

roast vegetables

Although they didn’t make it into the Top 5, other popular choices included homemade seitan and the VBites Celebration Roast.



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