Brighton's first nut mylk delivery service

Eco-friendly nut mylk delivery service launches in Brighton

Katie’s Nuttery become one of the UK’s first glass bottle, nut mylk delivery services to your door.

dairy free mylk delivery service

Are we starting to enter the vegan world we have all dreamt of? Imagine opening your front door in the morning and finding a cold creamy glass bottle of nut milk sitting there waiting to be poured on your cereal.

Katie’s Nuttery have just made vegans of Brighton’s dreams come true by being the first dairy-free homemade mylk delivery service to your door.

All of the mylks are super creamy, made with organic nuts that make up 17% of the overall volume – compared to the 3% in the tetra packs we get at the supermarket

Katie’s mylks are made with natural ingredients and contain no emulsifiers, refined sugars or oils.

This news come on the week that more chain restaurants expand their vegan menus and the first ever vegan parenting magazine goes to print

Zero waste

Katie’s Nuttery provide a zero waste service to your door. Each milk bottle is made of glass and completely recyclable. You can recycle the bottles yourself or return back to the company for a refund on your next order.

The bottles will even arrive at your door via the electric biker company Recharge Cargo, a zero emission delivery service.

dairy free mylk delivery service

Alternutive Mylks

The creamy flavours on offer are:

  • Almond mylk – all almonds are hand skinned to ensure absolute freshness
  • Cashew mylk – super creamy and great in porridge or smoothies
  • Hazelnut mylk – made with with Italian nuts, best enjoyed cold or with coffee
  • Holy Cacao – hazelnut mylk, with  raw cacao and sweetened with dates
  • Sunshine Mylk – brazil nut mylk with added turmeric & ginger sweetened with date. vibrant & soothing
  • Caramaca – little bottle of malty caramel delight, signature almond mylk with added maca. also lucuma, dates and a little sea salt

Owner of the nuttery, Katie Wiggall, told us: “Because of our ever increasingly busy lives I wanted to make my nut mylks more accessible to the people of Brighton (and hopefully further afield eventually) so that they can enjoy a premium, quality product at its freshest without having to go into town.”

Katie continued: “There is an increasing demand for these sorts of mylks as people are becoming more aware of the detrimental effects of a dairy heavy diet – environmentally, ethically and for health. And whilst I’m delighted that there are such a huge variety of alternatives in the shops, there is still a need for a ‘fresh’ creamy and natural product with more milk-like qualities.”

Katie’s Nuttery will also deliver their famous nut butters to your door, including almond, peanut, cashew, hazelnut or peacan.

You can make your order here. The bottles cost between £3.95 – £4.50. Deliveries go out Wednesday & Saturdays, and orders for Saturday morning need to be in by 8pm Thursday evening.

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