Almond flavour Baileys arrives in UK and it’s 100% vegan

Bailey’s have brought out a vegan friendly almond drink just in time for mothers day, introducing Bailey’s Almande.

New vegan Baileys Almond
Image: Baileys Facebook page

Why do people go so crazy over Bailey’s?

The original non-vegan recipe has Irish whiskey, dairy cream, vanilla and cocoa to create the signature drink poured over ice. This new recipe, however, mixes almond oil and almond essence (made from crush almonds), cane sugar, purified water and real vanilla – ahhh now that might explain the price?

Vegan Baileys was very much the talk of 2017, especially with the run up to Christmas. Everyone wanted to either drink it or make their own version.

The story was that, the UK got so excited with the announcement last year of Baileys making a vegan product (that initially turned out to have beeswax in it, so not vegan friendly) that Marks & Spencer started selling something similar at a fraction of the price, but also lots of people started concocting their own recipes. Either way, it was sheer madness!

Many UK vegans will know that plant-based Bailey’s has actually been around for some time. It’s no secret that if you have ever been to a vegan festival then you will have almost definitely had a sample of Besos De Oro, which is a vegan equivalent of to the Irish cream drink that’s been doing the rounds for some years now.

The great news about this new official Bailey’s drink – apart from it being cruelty-free – is that it contains almost half the calories of the original Baileys at just 67 cals per serving, and it’s gluten free!

Bailey’s Almande will be on sale at Asda and Ocado from 1 March for £16

If you will be buying the new Almond Baileys as a mother’s day present then why not also accompany it with some vegan style ferero rocher? 




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