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A new range of vegan sausages are coming courtesy of the Vegan Food Pimp

Watch out Linda McCartney, there’s a new vegan sausage in town and it means business.

The Vegan Food UK  Team were recently invited to do an advanced taste test of a new range of vegan sausages that will hit the UK shops this year. We were thrilled to hear that some new vegan sausages were coming to town because, let’s face it, Linda McCartney‘s are still the most popular despite them not being the healthiest of foods. And as there is so much controversy over soy and palm oil, it makes sense that there is still a gap in the market that needs to be filled. These sausages are palm oil and soy free.

Vegan Food Pimp is the brand behind these bangers and we tasted two of the flavours in the new range : Italian Tagine and Veg Biryani (more flavours will be released later in the year). These may sound like strange flavours for sausages, but these little bad boys are somewhat different – they’re more like an entire meal encapsulated in a sausage.

Even with the exotic sounding sausages we thought the best way to test them was in a hot dog bun. In hindsight we realised that these sausages would have been just as good with a pile of rice and green veg. And that’s the beauty of them, they can be the centrepiece of any meal.
Lentil based, they are quite soft inside their cruelty-free sausage casing and uniquely flavoured using organic spices. The Vegan Food Pimp herself cares incredibly about the health aspect of what people eat, so she has taken great care in selecting the best ingredients. After all, the aim is for it to taste comforting and be healthy at the same time, right?

The sausages are well balanced: savoury but not too spicy, which is how we prefer them. And for us, no sausage is a sausage without a blob of sauce on. We concluded the taste test with a squidge of tomato ketchup and it passed with flying colours – delicious!
The Vegan Food Pimp’s mission is to create food that is attractive not only to vegans, but to meat eaters also. She uses techniques, colours, textures and spices that will put your palette to work and leaving people to realise that vegan food is not dull and bland, but vibrant, fun, healthy and satisfying. If you wanted a taste of what we are talking about then make sure you head down to the Vegan Food Pimp restaurant at the Malborough Pub & Theatre in Brighton, you won’t be disappointed!





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