Vegan Greek Yoghurt by Alpro

Vegan Greek Yoghurt Launches at Waitrose

It’s the news we have been waiting for, a nice big tub of the white stuff!

Alpro have answered our prayers by launching large tubs of plain Greek Yoghurt.

There are two products that we always hear that people are missing from their vegetarian days: dairy cheese and greek yoghurt.

Definitely Not a Greek Tradegy

Up until now, the only mainstream product that filled the void was Alpro mini pots of High Protein yoghurt – which are delicious by the way.

Rumours are that this new plain greek yoghurt is just a rebrand of the Alpro Go On yoghurt, but its the first time that they have called it Greek.

Now we can honestly say: “anything you can eat, we can eat vegan”

Available at Waitrose for £1.50 (also in Bluberry flavour)

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