study shows vegan food growth

New study shows Brits are going mad for plant based meals

New study by Kantar Worldpanel reveals that 29% of all evening meals consumed in the UK are either vegetarian or vegan.

new study shows rise in meat-free products being consumed

Veganuary 2018 was definitely the biggest yet, with more people trying out the vegan lifestyle than ever before. But even without Veganuary it would appear that many Brits are embracing the plant-based diet. This new study shows that in the last year alone we ate 200 million more meat-free evening meals than the previous year and almost half of those meals were vegan.

There is also the increased spending every year on products like Quorn, with 50% of what we are buying in the meat-free section being ‘meal centres’ like burgers & sausages to fill up the heart of our dinner plates.

Study reveals Brits are loving vegan cheese

Dairy free milks continue to be popular with a 10% growth each year, but what’s even more amazing is vegan cheese seeing an 80% growth in the same the amount of time. 

Experts at Kantar are putting the surge in veggie foods down to many possible factors including people wanting to eat healthier, wider amount of plant based products to choose from and more celebrities choosing meat-free diets.

Richard Allen, Usage expert at Kantar Worldpanel, explains: “The surge in vegetarian evening meals over the past year is down to the wider availability of products which make eating meat-free more attractive and practical.”

The huge growth in meat-free meals is helped by supermarkets like Tesco who have recently brought out their new Wicked Kitchen range of vegan food.

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