Melt in the Middles at Iceland

REVIEW: are the vegan Melt in the Middles from Iceland any good?

Vegan Melt in the Middle – now there is something that we thought we wouldn’t be saying so soon.

Melt in the Middles at Iceland

It has been a hell of a week with vegan food launches, but these No Moo chocolate puddings are by far the most exciting.

Costing just £2 for two from Iceland supermarket, they are very affordable. But are they tasty?

Watch our video review of the puds

What did we think?

Have you tried Melt in the Middles before? Well we have before we made the incredibly good decision to go vegan. They are the cream de la creme of hot desserts in our opinion.

Soft, warm sponge that is so rich you will melt inside

These puds are not only cheap, but taste incredible! They are everything you hope they would be – taste and texture wise. Soft, warm sponge that is so rich you will melt inside.

Melt in the Middles at Iceland

Talking of melting inside, what you really want to know is what the chocolate is like and does it come pouring out when you cut the sponge open? Well the chocolate is warm, milky and fudgy, but it doesn’t quite pour out all over the plate. This might be that it’s too thick (not such a bad thing) or there isn’t enough of it (bad thing).

Having said all of this, for £2 you cannot complain. We give them a massive thumbs up and would recommend to any chocolate dessert finatic.

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