Premier League football stadiums may soon serve vegan food options

Vegan Options May Soon be Mandatory at Premier League Stadiums

UK football stadiums are being pressured to offer more vegan options to fans.

Premier League football stadiums may soon serve vegan food options

This news comes after the Environmental Secretary backed plans for Premier League clubs to consider more their environmental impact.

The new plan, proposed by the Daily Telegraph, requests that football clubs take their commitment to the environment more seriously.

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It looks to stadiums to use a ‘sustainable’ energy supplier and implement a ban on single-use plastic. And to also provide more vegan options at all their food stalls.

Other requirements include electric car charging points and reducing the number of away matches they fly to.

Clubs would also be required to use their influence to urge fans to think about their own carbon footprint.

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Environmental Secretary, Michael Gove, told The Telegraph: “We all have a role to play in improving our environment. The Premier League is already encouraging clubs to phase out single-use plastic from their stadiums, but I welcome this ambitious plan from The Daily Telegraph.”

He continued: “…the Premier League has an opportunity to inspire its fans and employees to not only tackle the scourge of plastic but the wider challenges facing our planet.” 

The Telegraph investigated 20 football clubs, discovering that they are under no pressure from the Premier League to introduce new policies and practices to help the environment.

Tottenham and Arsenal have both said they will be gradually phasing out single-use plastics. While Liverpool reduced the amount of plastic in its hospitality areas by 99 percent.

Tottenham, Brighton and Huddersfield are among the minority that offer veggie and vegan food to fans.

Smaller clubs are already embracing an eco-friendly stance, such as all-vegan club, Forest Green Rovers. They were the first-ever club to go carbon neutral and recently received the UN’s “Momentum for Change” climate action award for their commitment to sustainability.

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