Tweet battle between vegan and non vegan

Made in Chelsea star is attacked in vegan Twitter battle

Made in Chelsea star, Lucy Watson, has been criticised on Twitter by food writer and former Great British Bake Off finalist, Ruby Tandoh, for making a sweeping statement that “most people” should be vegan.

Lucy Watson tweet

The Twitter Battle Commences

The Twitter battle between the two celebrities began Thursday and started with 27 year old Lucy Watson tweeting that “If you are against animal cruelty, like most people, then you should go vegan.”

Tandoh seemed almost outraged by Watson’s statement and came back listing all the reasons why some people cannot go vegan, including eating disorders, disability, not enough money, etc. Tandoh finished the tweet claiming that Watson’s statement was “unhelpful”.

Ruby Tandoh tweet

Watson then went ahead and listed all the reasons why you should go vegan, retaliating by saying “I am pretty sure most people have access to fruit & veg”. 

Lucy Watson, who released her own vegan cookbook entitled ‘Feed Me Vegan’ in 2017 then tweeted to Tandoh “I see your book contains promotion of meat & dairy products… wouldn’t be why you’re taking so much offence would it?”

Lucy Watson's tweet

Ruby Tandoh, author of the non-vegan cookbook ‘Flavour: Eat What You Love’, then saw red and tweeted in response to Lucy Watson, “I will not standby while yet another privileged-beyond-belief asshole tries to tell people that they’re living their normal, kind, happy, healthy lives all wrong”

Ruby Tandoh's tweet

The argument between the two celebrities continues on Twitter, but what are your opinions on the argument? Is Lucy Watson correct in thinking that there is no reason ‘not’ to be vegan if you love animals? Or is Ruby Tandoh true in thinking that there are many reasons why people ‘can’t’ be vegan in this day and age?

Regardless of what people’s opinions are, a new study shows that Brits are going mad for plant based food, including vegan cheese.

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