Veganuary and the most successful year ever for Veganism

If anyone ever had any doubt that veganism is here to stay then they only have to look at this year’s Veganuary participant numbers for reassurance.

Veganuary 2018 success

2018 Veganuary Figures

Veganuary (going vegan for January) participants grew by 183% this year, with 168,542 people signing up. Almost half of those participants were in fact omnivores who regularly eat animal products, that’s 79,000 people who skipped the ‘going vegetarian first’ part and dove straight into trying vegan.

Even though there are thousands more women than men in the vegan world, the male participant numbers were up by 5% this year. This is amazing news as it appears that men are becoming less afraid of taking on a diet not centred around meat and animal products.

The most popular reason for doing Veganuary this year was concern for animal welfare, with other reasons such as health and the environment not far behind. Even the NHS are reporting on the benefits of going vegan

At the end of Veganuary, what do they think?

Vegan Food UK members who did Veganuary this year comment on how it went and if they will be staying vegan.

Lauren Davenport “Amazing! My skin has cleared up, stomach aches gone, dizzy spells gone, I’m sleeping better and have a lot more energy. Will not be going back! Xx”

Sophie Baylis “I’ve eaten so much yummy food, lost weight and have tons more energy to keep up with my toddler. I also feel like im doing my (tiny) bit to do less harm to other living things and this has had a positive effect on my mental health issues.

Muriel Anastas “Even though i thought i would miss certain foods… i dont. I for some reason love my vegan foods more then my non-vegan foods. I feel healthier and have no desire to go back to non-vegan foods.

Lenka Pain “Now I know the suffering and damage we have done and it’s hard to accept it. I will never go back being non-vegan.

Jo Fagan “Having been exposed via YouTube to the immense cruelty animals go through there’s no chance of me ever going back. This is me now.

Gillian Gow “I’ve been vegetarian for a few years and decided to take the plunge with Veganary. This has honesty been the best and easiest decision I’ve ever made. The food is amazing.

Amber Donkersley “I’ve lost a bit of weight without trying and my skin is clearer. I’ve been putting more effort in and been more aware of what’s been going into my body.

Alison Lucas “On the whole found it cheaper and tastier, I intend to stick to it. I’ve not found it difficult at all.

John Barrell Wade “Fair to say I’ll continue this way forever, the thought of consuming another animal is rather sickening. The way society has been conditioned is alarming.

Mike Slade “I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m continuing on with my Vegan journey as I love it so much.

Loraine Kirby “I’m loving it so much, so many wonderful things to make and eat and no more bloated stomach. No more animal products. It’s onwards and upwards as far as I’m concerned

Priya Vithani “I was thinking about it for a good year at least and veganuary gave me the push and motivation I needed to make the change. My only regret is that I wish I’d don’t it sooner.

Did you do Veganuary this year or previous years? Are you still vegan? We would love to hear about your experiences in comments.

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