Veggie Pret has been a huge success and is here to stay

CEO of Pret has just blogged that, based on its success, Veggie Pret is here for good.

Purely for experimentation purposes, Veggie Pret was only supposed to be a month long pop-up in Soho. However, the overwhelming response to the pop-up from veggies and meat eaters alike made them open for the whole summer, and just announced today, it will stay open permanently.

green-894993_640Clive Schlee, CEO of Pret, said: “The reason is simple: we had expected sales in the shop to decline as a result of the pop up. After the massive hype of the first few weeks, sales at Veggie Pret are still well up on where they were before the conversion.”

It is clear that they want to open more Veggie Pret cafes, testing out cities across the country in a similar manner to what they did in Soho. But what is interesting is that the best selling products were vegan and sweet treats. What is even more interesting is that over 50% of customers are meat-eaters.

They are hoping to open another Veggie Pret before the year is out, but in the mean time those best sellers will be making their way into our local Pret cafes soon hopefully.

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