Virgin trains vegan breakfast

Virgin Trains Becomes First UK Rail Operator to Offer Full Vegan Menu

Virgin Trains leads the way now offering a full vegan menu onboard.

Virgin Trains vegan breakfast
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Vegan meals will now be available at nearly all times of the day on Virgin Trains.

This is a result of significant changes to the standard and first class menus.

Virgin Trains Vegan Menu

Customers will now be able to get a vegan breakfast pot with hashbrowns, mushrooms, spinach and baked beans.

And on the evening menu there will be a vegan chilli for commuters.

Additionally the first class menu will offer a potato hash breakfast, a Medierranean pasta salad and spicy bombay potato. With the new menus clearly stating what’s gluten-free and/or vegan.

Thankfully Virgin Trains already stock soya milk for coffees and have done in their shop for some time.

Julie Harper, Virgin Trains’ Food and Beverage Production Manager, said: “The clear message we’ve had from vegan customers is they need consistency so they have peace of mind when they board the train.

She continued: “We’ve worked really hard to ensure that our menus in First and Standard deliver that consistency throughout the day and include some really delicious appertising options that we hope will tempt vegans and non-vegans alike.”

The news is a result of a campaign by the Vegan Society to get train companies to offer vegan options onboard their trains.

Sainsbury’s supermarket are also celebrating this week as they get named this year’s Best Supermarket for Vegans

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