Virgin trains vegan breakfast

Virgin Trains now offer a vegan cooked breakfast

Virgin Trains have just announced that they will be offering a vegan breakfast to its passengers.

Virgin Trains vegan breakfast
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With increasing demand, Virgin Trains (operated by the Virgin Rail Group) are now starting to cater more and more for vegans.

The breakfast costs £3.90 and contains mushrooms, hash browns, spinach and baked beans and is currently rolling out on all the West Coast services from today. You will also be able to buy coffee and soya milk from the on board shop for £2.10.

A spokesperson at Virgin told Vegan Food UK “We are always looking for ways to develop our menu and cater for all dietary requirements.”

It’s no wonder that large companies are trying to supply more plant-based meals as this year has shown more participants taking part in Veganuary (going vegan for a month in January) than ever before. The demand is clearly there.

What do vegans think of the new choo-choo food?

Members of Vegan Food UK discussed the new breakfast with mixed opinions:

“The vegan option looks fine to me. I mean sure I’d love sauce or extra seasoning but you can’t expect too much from train food.”

Looks very unappetising to me, looks very dry. Why is it in a tiny bowl and why is it covered in coriander?”

“I had it on Saturday and it’s actually really nice and tasty.”

“Last time I was on a virgin train I had a black coffee and a bag of crisps for breakfast so this beats that hands down.”

“This looks awesome! No complaints about the size as it’s no smaller than any train meal”


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