vegan easter eggs

INSIDE: The Fancy New Vegan Easter Eggs at Waitrose

They are large, oval-shaped, covered in chocolate and have nothing to do with the Bible at all – it’s a vegan Easter Egg of course

Waitrose launch at least seven new vegan sweet treats for Easter – and you’re really going to struggle picking one.

You can always rely on Waitrose & Partners to launch some decadent foods when the occasion arises. The good news is that all these eggs are vegan!

1. Avocado Jellies

Vegan easter treats: avocado jellies

2. Dark Chocolate Cocoa Pod

Vegan easter treats

3. Caramelised Cacao Nib Eater Egg

Vegan easter treats: caramelised cacao nib

4. Green & Blacks Organic Dark Egg

Vegan easter egg

5. Divine Selection of Dark Eggs

Vegan easter eggs

6. Divine Dark Egg with Pink Himalayan Salt

Vegan easter eggs

7. Divine Dark Chocolate Egg with Smooth Hazelnut

Vegan easter eggs

While you are here, did you hear about the Montezuma’s Peanut Butter Mini Eggs?

All pictures in this article were supplied by @_sunfl0werseed on Instagram

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