Wetherspoons add new meaty vegan burger to the menu

Wetherspoon’s add meaty vegan burger to menus

Don’t worry, this isn’t a falafel story that squidges out the sides of the burger bun when you eat it!  This is a vegan meat burger.

Unexpectedly, Wetherspoons have added a new vegan burger to their menu and it’s a goodun!

new burger menu at Wetherspoons

Thankfully the patty of choice is the Meatless Farm soya burger that you can buy from Sainsbury’s for £2.50.

People who have tried the burger will know that it’s juicy, meaty and might even tick a few boxes for meat-eaters wanting to try something different.

Additionally Wetherspoon’s shall be adding a Vegan Gourmet Burger to their menus too, which will consist of the MF patty, avocado, salsa and rocket.

The new burger hasn’t officially rolled out yet but has been spotted on menus in Manchester for £5.85.

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