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What can vegans eat at Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is slowly creeping up to be one of the UK’s most popular high street pizza take away places, but can vegans eat there?

You will be pleased to know that Papa John’s is actually quite vegan friendly, except they still don’t put vegan cheese on their pizzas. Always remember to check and double check with the guys serving that everything is vegan you are ordering.

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What are some of the most popular choices for vegans at PJ’s (minus the cheese)?

And what about sides and sauces?

  • Potato wedges
  • Corn on the cob
  • BBQ dip
  • Pizza sauce
  • Sweet chilli sauce
  • Buffalo sauce
  • Special garlic sauce

Why is there so much controversy over the special garlic sauce?

Yes the Special Garlic Sauce is vegan friendly, which is good thing right? For some yes. But others find this white dip absolutely revolting. This strange little tub for dipping crusts into might as well be marmite as it has the same love/hate divide.

What can’t vegans eat at Papa John’s?

  • Deep pan pizza base
  • Cinnamon pull aparts – vegans be warned: these are not the old cinnamon knots that ‘used’ to be vegan friendly. The new pull aparts are NOT vegan!
  • Any meat or cheese
  • Garlic sticks and knots
  • Dips and sides not mentioned above
  • All desserts
Papa John's Tweet
Papa John’s tweet

The battle for the vegan friendliest pizza

We are always happy to see places catering for vegans, Papa John’s are obviously conscious of us and our needs. But there is still no vegan cheese on the menu. Having said this they are still better than Domino‘s who’s pizza bases aren’t vegan at all.

The battle of the most vegan friendliest pizzas is still being won by independent pizza places like Purezza in Brighton. And chain restaurants such as Zizzi and Pizza Express who both offer vegan cheese on their pizzas. Even some Pizza Hut branches now are going to start putting Violife on their pizzas. So Papa John’s still has a long way to go in our opinion, but it’s a good start.

You can buy vegan friendly pizza bases and cheese online at The Vegan Kind


What’s your favourite high street vegan pizza? Leave some comments

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