Chris Packham goes vegan

What do Greggs sausage rolls & Chris Packham have in common?

Exciting vegan news rolls in this week in the shape of pastry wrapped sausages and environmentalist TV presenters.

Chris Packham is going vegan
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So what does Chris Packham and Greggs sausage rolls have in common? They are both going vegan of course.

Packham, aged 57, is a TV presenter and one of the UK’s most recognised environmentalists & wildlife experts, and this week he told the Big Issue that he intends to go vegan in the coming months.

Really Wild Vegan

Chris Packham told the Big Issue “Every year The Vegan Society contacts me in December to ask if I fancy doing Veganuary. This year I am going to pre-empt them, because I will probably already be there by then.”

In the interview about going vegan, Packham talks sensibly about the intelligence of dogs that we choose not to eat, compared to the equally intelligent animals that we do choose to eat, such as pigs – it really is crazy!

The question we always ask is: how can you care about the planet and not be vegan? With animal aggriculture being one of the most destructive forces to the global environment, it would be crazy to support it and call yourself an environmentalist.

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By the time Packham goes fully vegan, we hope that Greggs bakery will have rolled out their vegan sausage rolls across the UK.

OK, well we haven’t seen the sausage rolls yet or had any other information than “Head office are testing out vegan sausage rolls“, but rumours have it that they may be using Hooba sausages in their trademark pastry – which we think is not a bad call, as far as sausages go.

It’s astonishing that Greggs don’t currently have a vegan pasty or bake, but think about the possibilities if they did? You do realise that Greggs are literally everywhere? High streets, small towns and even motorway service stations – we would be swimming in vegan sausage rolls and hopefully it won’t break the bank to buy one.

With all this talk of Greggs, we had a go at veganizing one of their staple snacks ‘the Cheese & Ham pasty‘ – proving that it’s easy to wrap stuff in pastry and make it vegan.

Vegan cheese and ham pasty like Greggs
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