vegan parenting magazine goes to print

World’s first vegan parenting magazine goes to print

A moment in history, the world’s first vegan parenting magazine goes to print.

world's first vegan parenting magazine

Raise Vegan, focuses on vegan pregnancy & parenting and goes to print after a soaring amount of subscribers.

It will be the first ever magazine dedicated solely to families raising, living and thriving on a vegan diet.

The birth of Raise Vegan

What started out as a small Facebook group of vegan parents, has turned into a community of 40,000 new & old parents sharing information and supporting each other, giving birth to the Raise Vegan magazine.

The magazine covers day-to-day life of parents, especially plant-based parenting, including how to navigate birthday parties, school trips to zoos, nutrition, sick kids, staying on budget and sensitive issues that happen at home.

Contributors to Raise Vegan include a vegan general practitioner, registered dietitian, research scientist, journalists and parents. 

Celebrity vegan parenting

The number of vegans in the UK has risen from 1% to 7% in just two years, and vegan parents & children make up a significant proportion of that.

Some famous vegan celebrities have even got on board with the mag and will feature in the first issues, including Olympians Diana Taurasi & Penny Taylor.

vegan parenting magazine

Janet Kearney, Editor of Raise Vegan told us: “Raising vegan children, has for the most part, been met with skepticism and worry about their well-being. We aim to change that, and show the world the thousands of families who are thriving on a plant based diet.”

She continued: “Raise Vegan Magazine, the first of its kind, will bring help and support to parents, who have been left in dark for far too long.”

You can purchase here a six month subscription to the magazine costing £17 or 12 months which is £29. If the printed magazine doesn’t float your boat, then it’s also available in the Android and Apple App Stores.



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