Zizzi’s have taken their old vegan cheese off the menu

The very popular Italian chain restaurant, Zizzi’s, have taken their old vegan cheese off the menu and swapped it with a new one.

Zizzi’s Italian restaurant is probably most vegans’ favourite chain eatery of choice. They were the first chain restaurant to add vegan cheese to their pizzas and also adding a whole vegan three course menu, including delicious cruelty-free desserts and wines. But they have just made a significant change that might upset vegans around the UK: they’ve changed their vegan cheese.

Zizzi's new vegan cheese on a pizza
Zizzi’s new vegan cheese

The dairy-free cheese that Zizzi’s used before was Mozzarisella, which they have now swapped to Rondanini. If like us these two words mean absolutely nothing to you then please read the following explanations:

What was it before, Mozzarisella you say?

A dairy free cheese that is made up of coconut oil, biosurice (germinated brown rice & spring water), agar agar, carob flour, xanthan, gum arabic and apple vinegar. All pretty good ingredients (

zizzi pizza
Zizzi’a old vegan cheese

And what’s this new Rondanini stuff then?

Well all we can find out about it is that it’s mozzarella style still (phew!) and it’s based on coconut oil. Rondanini is the company name and they supply Italian products and ingredients to some of the major supermarkets and restaurants.

Although Zizzi won’t tell us why they made the change just yet, we know that many members of Vegan Food UK pointed out that the old Mozzarisella cheese was quite runny, almost like a sauce as opposed to a cheese – so let’s hope this sticks a little better in the vegan community.

Are you a fan of the new cheese or would you like Zizzi to go back to the old vegan cheese? Let us know in Comments below


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