Impossible vegan katsu curry launches across UK

The vegan ‘Impossible Curry’ launches in the UK

Wagamama finally launches their most aniticipated curry yet.

Wagamama vegan katsu impossible curry
Image: Wagamama

It has been nicknamed the ‘Impossible Curry by Wagamama customers who have already eaten it because it tastes so much like the meat version, but it’s 100% plant based.

Mission Impossible

Noodle Lab in Soho, have been trialling the Vegatsu for three months now and finally Wagamama’s have launched it across their 130 UK restaurants.

The dish is an almost exact replica of the most popular dish on the Wagamama menu, the Chicken Katsu Curry, which sells at a rate of 10,000 dishes per day.

Last year, the popular Japanese restaurant released a vegan & vegetarian menu, but what customers really wanted was a vegan version of the katsu.

Steve Mangleshot, Executive Chef at Wagamama said: “Following the huge success of our vegan menu it made sense for us to create a vegan version of our world-renowned katsu curry”.

The ‘chicken’ part of the dish is made from seitan, which is a high protein food made from wheat gluten.

Wagamama’s joins other leading high street eateries in expanding their vegan menus, including Pret and Leon. Even hospitals in the UK are now joining in and extending vegan options offered to patients.

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