Weymouth Creamy Veg Korma

Our Weymouth Vegan Vegetable Korma is creamy and has a bit of a kick to it

If you are after the Korma they serve at Curry houses in Britain, then you have come to the wrong place!

It might be just us, but our favourite Korma is when it’s slightly sweet, but with a spicy kick to it

This version has fresh green chilli in it AND fresh red chilli as a garnish – it has to be one of our favourites to make and it’s a really simple one-pot dish to make too!

It’s called ‘Weymouth’ Korma because that’s the first place we cooked it in our campervan, right on the beach

Studland Beef Goulash

This Vegan “Beef” Goulash is such a fantastic one-pot meal to make. It’s simple and fairly quick to make.

Goulash originates from Hungary and is traditionally made with beef.

This recipe has an American twist and uses macaroni pasta and vegan cheese to add some sustenance and sourness to the finished dish.

The end result of this marvellous meal is almost like a rich Italian pasta dish, with savoury beef flavours coming through.

We call it a ‘Studland’ Goulash as it’s the name of the place where we first cooked it in our campervan.

Pad Thai

Any Pad Thai fans out there? This recipe is for you
What is your favourite Thai meal?

A strong favourite of ours has always been Pad Thai, from the moment we came across a Pad Thai cart in Bangkok

We wanted to show you how to make an authentic plant-based Pad Thai, so here is the #VeganFoodUKKitchen recipe

Pesto Pizza Grilled Cheese Toastie

Can You Believe It’s Vegan CHEEEEEEEZ?! Pesto Pizza Grilled Cheese Toastie