COOP Launch Vegan Fish & Chips And More For Veganuary

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Co-op vegan Range

C0-op release new veganuary items

Co-op is releasing new Vegan items on the 5th of January to celebrate Veganuary. This includes a Fishless Fillet & Chips which has already caught the attention of many.

This Veganuary, the company has decided to bring out even more exciting products for those testing the waters in a plant-based diet or already eating vegan but looking for more. This article shows all of the new items found in stores from the 5th.

GRO Fishless Fillet and Chips

Co-op’s ‘take on a British favourite’. This vegan fish fillet is made from plant protein and paired perfectly with chips and mushy peas.

These are priced at £3.50 per 370g.

GRO Vegan Raspberry Croissant

Made with ‘no-butter flaky pastry & a sweet raspberry filling’, these raspberry croissants would pair perfectly with a morning coffee or an afternoon snack. 

These are £1 per croissaint.

GRO No Chicken Fajita Wrap

This ‘Flame-grilled soy protein Chick’n with red peppers, red onion, lettuce, coriander, spicy fajita sauce and mayo enveloped in a chilli tortilla’ It’s perfect for on the go or a quick dinner.

These are priced at £3.00 per packet.

GRO No Salt Beef New York Deli Salad

This salad includes ‘Salted no-beef pieces with mustard & dill potato salad, rocket, pickled red onion & pink cabbage’. There aren’t any vegan beef piece salads like this on the market at the moment.

This is £2.80 for the box.


GRO Gouda & Coleslaw Sandwich

A ‘smoked Gouda-style, no cheese sandwich, topped with cool slaw and spinach on fibre enriched malted bread’. This is also available as an on-the-go meal.

GRO Chunky Fishless Goujons

A ‘grown-up fish finger’, these chunky fish-free goujons are a tasty plant-based option with a crispy golden crumb that tastes delicious in a wrap or to dip.

Per pack, these cost £2.50.

GRO No Beef Pie

Whether you feel like a classic pub meal or a warming winter dish, this pie is filled with tender chunks of plant protein & gravy and covered with flaky golden pastry.

Each pie costs £3.50.

GRO Gunpowder Masala Potato Bowl

This ready to go dish will warm your evenings this January. The chickpea and vegetable curry is served with roasted spicy potatoes and topped with deliciously seasoned chickpeas.

Each dish is £2.80.

Which product are you most excited to try?

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