New M&S Launches You Should Know About For Veganuary

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Vegan M&S Launch

M&S have launched some brand new products in time for Veganuary

Veganuary has already hit off with some great launches and M&S has hit the vegan community with an abundance of choice this January. The new range is on sale now in all stores across the UK.

Vegan BLT (VLT)

M&S are very popular for their ‘on the go’ selection of sandwiches and snacks, this new sandwich will be a great addition. The sandwich has wheat and pea protein rashers, vegan ‘baconnaise’, lettuce and tomatoes on soft malted bread.

It is priced at 3.50.

No Lamb Shawarma

This is made from wheat and vegetable protein, vine-ripened tomatoes, vegan garlic dressing, tomato and chilli sauce, salt and vinegar potato fries, spinach and red onions on a flatbread.  This is a great way to have a Vegan style kebab at home.

The Shwarma is £4.

Vegan Fish Fingers

8 fingers packed with flavour, rice and potato flakes with zesty lemon coated in a crispy golden crumb. These would make a great family meal or as a fish substitute on those fish and chip fridays.

These are £2.90 for 8 fingers.

Hot & Spicy Pizza

This hot & spicy pizza is ready to join the other plant-based favourites on the shelf. it’s a hand-stretched sourdough base topped with vegan pepperoni, jalapeno and Roquito® chilies.

An individual pizza is £5.

Veggie Balls

These vegan mince balls are made with onions and M&S Select Farm mushrooms. They are part of the companies ‘eat well’ range as part of encouraging a healthier alternative.

They are priced at £3 per packet.

Tikka Masala Curry

The Tikka Masala is fragrant and spicy, with vegetables, coconut milk topped with cauliflower tikka. It’s also part of the eat well range.

This dish is priced at £4.

Cheese Flavour Twists

A party favourite, these cheese flavoured twists will be great as a snacking side. They are made from puff pastry and have a cheese flavour to match the original.

These cost £1.50 per packet.

Brava Dirty Fries

These fried potato chips come with a rich and smoky tomato sauce and are finished with a coconut cheese alternative.

The packet costs £3.50.

Veggie Mince

For your spaghetti bolognese to your taco Tuesday, this mince will help your veganuary going. With a similar ingredients list to the meatballs, it’s made with onions M&S Select Farm mushrooms.

Each pack costs £3.

Vegan Chilli Con Carne

A hot & smoky pea-based chilli, packed with plants. This dish is ready to bring a healthy, hearty meal to the cold months coming.

It is £4 per packet.



Plant Kitchen Lasagne

Rich and indulgent layers of mushroom & pea protein ragu, béchamel and a crispy topping. This is another winter warmer to keep in your fridge.

Each serving costs £4.

Which product are you going to look out for?

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