Here Are The Vegan Biscuits You Can Find At Tesco

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With the launch of the new Wicked Kitchen Seriously Shortbread biscuits, we looked at exactly what vegan-friendly biscuits you can get at Tesco.

Wicked Kitchen

Wicked, founded by Chad and Derek Sarno, have launched the Wicked Kitchen Seriously Shortbread this week. The 180g pack is described on the Tesco website as ‘crumbly, golden, and indulgent plant-based shortbread perfect for dunking and are priced at £1.75.


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The shortbread joins the recently launched Wicked Kitchen Jazzy Jam Filled Cookies (140g). The jam-filled rounds are two shortbread biscuits sandwiched together with a sticky raspberry flavour apple jam and cost 70p per pack.

Jazzy jam biscuits on top of drinks
Image: Vegan Food UK Instagram/Wicked Kitchen

For cookie lovers, there is also the fresh bakery Wicked Kitchen 4 Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies (£1.50) with a version also available on the shelf alongside the Wicked Kitchen Outrageously Orange & Chocolate Cookies (£1.25).

These sweet treats add to the growing Wicked range which already includes a variety of cakes, doughnuts and dessert options.

Tesco Free From

The free-from range has several vegan and gluten-free options although be sure to check the labelling as not all Free-from products are vegan-friendly. These options are ideal for those who avoid gluten as well as animal products.

The Tesco Free From Stem Ginger Cookies (150g) are labelled vegan and gluten-free and a good choice at £1.20 per pack.

Tesco Free From Bourbon Creams are also vegan and gluten-free and available in 150g pack for £1.30. you can also find Free From Custard Creams (125g) for the same price.

Tesco Own Brands

Many Tesco own brand biscuits also fall into the vegan category as either labelled vegan or naturally vegan products. The Tesco Dark Chocolate Digestive being one of the popular naturally vegan items.

Tesco digestive
Image: Lizzie Havok

Tesco Bourbon Creams are labelled vegan and come in a massive 296g pack for the shockingly low price of 39p. Tesco Ginger Nuts are only 25p for 300g packs, and for a classic dunkable treat Tesco Rich Tea biscuits are also labelled vegan and priced at 30p.

The Big Brands

One of the big brands to dominate the vegan biscuit scene this year is Burton Biscuits with the launch of multiple flavours of Jammie Dodgers that are suitable for vegans. The most recent to be launched is the Choccie Dodger Chocolate & Hazelnut flavour (70p).

Choccie Dodger packet
Image: Vegan Food UK Instagram

The chocolate flavour follows on from the original Raspberry flavour including the mini version, Cherry Burst, Gooey Apple Flavour, and Magical Strawberry, all of which are vegan.

Tesco also stocks a variety of Oreo biscuits including large packs, Lotus Biscoff, Lotus Biscoff Creams, Party Rings, and Party Ring Mini Packs. 

Biscoff creams
Image: Lizzie Havok

The variety of vegan biscuits now available is massive, whether for a snack or to dunk in your drink, for a party or a lunchbox, Tesco seems to have all the bases covered.

You can check your local branch here or order online.

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