What Was On This British Cafe’s Ukranian Vegan Menu?

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We take a look at what a Ukranian menu looks like, but veganized!

In effort to raise money for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, a cafe in Glasgow launched a 100% plant-based Ukranian menu.

The Glasvegan, in Glasgow, wowed their customers in this fundraising initiative with classic Ukranian dishes, but totally vegan.

All leftovers at the end of the day were donated to those protesting against the war, in George Square.

Ukranian potato pancakes
Dunruny at Glasvegan

Laura Yapp, an employee at Glasvegan said: “The day was great! So many people came to support our fundraiser and the reception to the food was amazing! Everyone seemed really excited to be there and to experience some Ukrainian culture.

The Deruny was a customer favourite, it went down a treat! There was so many compliments on the food and I think everyone enjoyed trying vegan food that was a little bit different to what they are used to.”

Below is what we on the menu for the fundraising event.



Potato pancakes that are usually cooked with onion, eggs & garlic, were made plant-based using Smoked Zalmon (a vegan salmon alternative), dairy-free sour cream & dill.


Beetroot soup, swirled with dairy-free yoghurt, topped with No-Beef pieces, and served with crusty garlic bread.


Ukranian cuisine uses quite a lot of flour products, and the Glasvegan made these vegetable-filled dumplings, served with sour cream & side salad.

Ukranian style desserts at Glasvegan
Ukranian-style desserts at Glasvegan


Chicken Kyiuv

Or Chicken Kiev as it can also be known, is one of Ukraine’s most famous dishes. This one was a meat-free version served with potatoes, carrots and green beans.

Olivier Cold Salad 

Made with potatoes, garden peas, carrots, pickled gherkins, red onion, white sauce, and served with dark rye bread.


Thin rolled pancakes, filled with mushrooms & meat-free mince in tomato sauce


Large Jam Filled Biscuits

Lemon & Raspberry Cake

Vanilla Ice Cream (Dairy-Free) With Chocolate Sauce & Cherries

Unfortunately this fundraiser is now over, and the menu has returned to it usual options – but from what we hear, the food is always fantastic.

The Glasvegan is located at 50 St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DH


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